Structural Construction

This type of construction is followed in building construction, skyscrapers, bridges and other heavy weight structures. It is the process of developing individual structures and assembling them together to form a complete structure.

Structural construction includes engineering, model preparing, high end construction tools and heavy machinery. Structural engineering is used in the construction of bridges, tunnels, buildings and other gigantic structures. We have expertise in the construction of such heavy weight construction and a team of highly skilled Structural engineers and architects. Every frame of a structure is developed independently by following same standards. The next step is assembling of the individual frames to make them an integral part of a strong and sustainable structure. In this way the applied load is transmitted safely to the ground without increasing the stress on the frames.

There are three types of structural system, namely: low-rise, high-rise, long span. Bending structures, cable structures and membrane structures are some example of structural system.

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