Since becoming an independent company in 2012, Shree Krishna Group has expanded on its position in the growing end markets it serves. We offer a wide range of services through business units. Our foundation for the future is based on our continued success within these growing industries.

  • Roads and Bridges
  • Commercial, Industrial, Residential complex
  • Railways
  • Mass Rapid Transport system
  • Port development
  • Fabrication Work
  • Service and Maintenance of critical equipment like Compressor, Glass Reactor, Boilers, etc.
  • Irrigation, Water resources development works
  • Civil, Mechanical Infrastructure for power plants including Cooling Tower, CHP and AHP
  • Dredging Services – Restoration of lakes, Rivers and offshore services

Driven by excellence in execution, Shree Krishna Group is committed to ensuring the safety of our employees, while giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We deliver any project, in any environment for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees and the communities we serve.

  • Design and construction management for public infrastructure in industrial zones;
  • Design management, construction and supervision of rDesign and construction management for public infrastructure in industrial zones;
  • Design management, construction and supervision of road-construction projects
  • Development of rights-of-way, management of evictions and expropriations, clearance of obstacles and utilities, management and supervision of construction and operation, quality control and safety
  • Design and construction of irrigation channels and safety barriers
  • Construction of buildings and large housing complexes
  • Construction of UGD, Water supply and STP Turnkey projects;oad-construction projects
  • Dredging of Rivers, waterways and canal


Machine & ToolsQuantity
Auto Levels05
Dumpy Levels05
Mixture Machines35
Tough Riders06
Transit Mixer Machine (Ajax)04
AJAX 2 M308
AJAX 4 M306
RMC Plant02
Concrete Pump03
Diesel Vibrator20
Electric Vibrator30
Surface Vibrator10
Cube Testing M/C08
Testing Cube240
Sieve Analysis Set08
Rapid Moisture Meter08
Slump Cones10
JCB (Excavator)06
Dumpers ( Truck)10
Electric Motor Pumps (For Dewatering)20
Steel Shuttering Plates100000 Sq. Ft
Ply Shuttering Materials125000 Sq. Ft
Steel Span3000
Structural Steel Span3000
Acro Span8000
H Frame & Staging Material25000 Sq. Ft
Water Tanker2 Nos
Vibro Roller 12T2 Nos
Motor Grader1 Nos
Tile Cutting M/C2 Nos
VDS Set6 Nos
Kerb Cutting Machine1 Nos
Kerb Laying Machine1 Nos
BD65 BEML Dozer1 Nos
Baby Roller1 Nos
12T Capacity Hydra1 Nos
Bar Cutting Machine 36mm5 Nos
Bar Bending Machine 36mm5 Nos
Welding Rectifiers 600 Amps.40 Nos
Welding Transformers 400 Amps.50 Nos
Welding Transformers 300 Amps.25 Nos
Gas Cutting Sets30 Set
Chain Pulley Blocks 5 Ton Cap20 Nos
Chain Pulley Blocks 2 Ton Cap15 Nos
Derrecks for Erection 70’Height3 Nos
All Cut Machined7 Nos
Jim Screws5 Nos
Portable Grinders10 Nos
Portable Drilling Machinery 32mm Cap10 Nos
Lathe Machines 8’Long2 Nos
Hacksaw Machines 150mm Cap1 Nos
Pedestal Grinders 200mm Cap1 Nos
Heavy Drilling Machines 32mm Cap6 Nos
Pug Machines Cutting Work4 Nos
Hydra 12 Ton Capacity6 Nos
Registration No.MakeCh. No.Engine No.Brand
GJ-15-BB-9141Greeves Cotton Ltd.223400821043061049/070013Soyal Compactor
GJ-15-BB-9141Excort Equipment Ltd.464204482006/060/0200127Soyal Compactor
GJ-15-BB-9141SimplexSSD-D165A01-02010406114010100003Soyal Compactor
GJ-15-BB-9141L&T Case Equipment Ltd.POZL014806/1099/0200063Soyal Compactor
GJ-15-BB-9141SimplexSSW-W-165-10-08/11006-1144/01-00002Soyal Compactor
GJ-15-BB-9141BomogNOZA-21337415424Tandam Roller
GJ-15-BB-9141Saini0055200200991951Motor Grader
GJ-15-BB-9141SimplexSG-183-2009/10110862181559Motor Grader
GJ-15-BB-9141L&T Case Equipment Ltd.J04A76004-1174/0300104Tandom Roller
GJ-15-BB-9141Sakay210738TATA-0310210Pneumatic Tyre Roller
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